REVIEW: Wisps of Memory by Chris Sarantopoulos (2017)

Wisps of Memory by Chris Sarantopoulos
Publisher: Self Published (Amazon)
Format: E-Book
Length: 16 (short story)
Published: 2017
Author: Goodreads, Website, Twitter

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Synopsis via Goodreads: The end doesn’t always come with a bang.

Ian is a loner middle-aged man who lives with the memories of his daughters and grandson, rather than with them. He hopes that they will remember him during the holiday. In the meantime, his nearly paralysed arm starts twitching uncontrollably. A couple of weeks before Christmas, his last friend leaves the country, and Ian finds himself with no one in his life. Day by day, he feels life is ebbing away from him.

My Review:

I’d like to thank the author Chris Sarantopoulos for a complimentary copy of his short story Wisps of Memory in exchange for an honest review.

Chris Sarantopoulos’s Wisps of Memory is a sad, haunting short story about loneliness and isolation. The main character Ian lives alone and forgotten by his daughters and grandson who’s Christmas cards he hopes will arrive but knows never will. Sarantopoulos writes with a unique voice and paints a frightfully realistic picture of a life filled with involuntary solitude. In only a few short pages he puts the reader in the shoes of Ian who seems to exist between our world and a world populated only by himself. A certain anxiety is inflicted on the reader who may question if they will one day be in Ian’s shoes themselves.

A haunting and disturbing read and one I recommend to anyone looking for a quick, well-written story from a talented writer of speculative fiction.

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