Characters Who Would Make Brilliant Best Friends (Six for Sunday)

This week’s Six for Sunday topic ‘Characters you think would make brilliant best friends’ was a bit more difficult than I thought it would be. It turns out there are more characters I would rather not be friends with than ones I would actually call up on the weekend to grab a coffee. It might be due to the genres I typically read not including overly pleasant characters or characters I would consider to be quality friend material. But the following four ladies and one gentleman are my definite go-to for literary best friends.

This post is part of the weekly Six For Sunday tag hosted by A Little But a Lot! Check out their blog for weekly literary prompts and join in!

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Characters You Wouldn’t Want to be Stuck in a Lift With (Six for Sunday)

I just found this book tag on Charlotte, Somwhere’s lovely blog and absolutely had to join in. The tag is called ‘Six for Sunday’ and was created by A Little But a Lot. Be sure to check out both of these wonderful blogs and visit A Little But a Lot to see all the upcoming Six for Sunday prompts!

I know what you’re thinking… “don’t you have enough book tags to do each week?”. The answer is yes, I’m probably pushing my limit. But I really couldn’t resist this one, the weekly prompts just sound like too much fun. I probably won’t get around to doing this every Sunday, but I’m going to try my best!

This week’s topic is *drumroll* Six Characters You Wouldn’t Want to be Stuck in a Lift With. I can think of about 100 off the top of my head, so let’s see if I can narrow it down to six.

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