Book Chat: Why Autumn is the Best Season for Reading

First of all: happy first day of Autumn!

I know I’m not alone in loving Autumn more than every other season, especially when curling up with a good book. So to celebrate the first day of Autumn I wanted to go over my favourite things about the season and why they make for the best reading conditions. This entire list makes me sound like a spoiled princess but I’m a bit obsessed with making my environment as comfortable as possible, despite current stresses and anxieties. This is probably the most ‘basic’ post I’ll ever write and I’m not sorry at all because it’s been a ton of fun to put together! You have to enjoy the little things in life sometimes. 🙂

So here’s my list of why Autumn is the best season of all for reading!

1. Pumpkin Spice Tea and Candles

I’m a big tea drinker and a constant candle/incense burner. As difficult as it is, I avoid burning and drinking anything resembling pumpkin outside of Autumn simply to preserve it. If all I smelt all year round was pumpkin, Autumn wouldn’t feel as special. Just like listening to Christmas music all summer might diminish the excitement for it in December! Pumpkin everything is such a stereotypical trend these days and I can’t help but very willingly get caught up in it every year starting in September.

So why does drinking and smelling pumpkin things make reading so much more enjoyable? Well, it’s just so darn calming. The smell reminds me of the first term of the university year when everyone was drinking a Tim Horton’s pumpkin spice tea in the lecture halls as well as the relief of the scorching summer sun beginning to calm. Immersing myself in these conditions takes the anxiety and stress away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and lets me relax and drift into a book, especially when paired with…

2. Piles of blankets, big warm sweaters & fuzzy socks

I hate, hate, hate being too warm, so I’m not a huge fan of summer. When the weather starts to warm up at the end of spring every year I get excited because my glass-half-full brain tends to forget that the nice warm weather at the beginning of summer isn’t the same as the 35 degrees + humidity that southern Ontario gets during the rest of the season. So by the time Autumn rolls around I’m ready to dive under a pile of blankets, put on my warmest and biggest sweater, and buy a compulsive amount of fuzzy socks.

I LOVE being chilly because it means I can layer up and be warm without the sweat and exhaustion of summer. And what’s the best thing to do when drowning in a sea of blankets and sweaters? Read! Bonus points if I’m also drinking pumpkin spice tea with a pumpkin candle burning in the background.

3. Stormy Skies, blustery winds, Thunderstorms!

It doesn’t matter if I’m sitting inside on the couch by the window or out on the deck in the backyard, I love stormy days. These obviously happen in the summer as well, but there’s something about a good fall storm that makes sitting inside with pumpkin spice and big blankets that ties the entire ‘perfect reading’ package together. You know the types of storms that never end up producing much rain but make the sky SO black? Nothing is prettier than that paired with the beautiful array of autumn colours. Which brings us to my final favourite thing about reading in Autumn…

4. Everything just looks SO pretty

Autumn colours make the world look like the most beautiful book settings brought to life. It’s ironic because everything is technically dying, but there’s a perfect sweet spot between the leaves changing colour and ultimately falling off the trees that makes everything feel so magical. And if all four of the things on this list happen simultaneously, I’m happily in the perfect setting to read a book and disappear from the world for hours and hours at a time.

So if you can’t tell from this post – I LOVE Autumn. And if Autumn was a physical being I would have jumped into her arms and given her the biggest hug I could muster the second I woke up this morning. Farewell summer, I won’t miss you!

What’s your favourite time of year to read? Do the seasons have any effect on how much you can immerse yourself in a book or how long you can/want to read for? Let me know in the comments! 🙂

13 thoughts on “Book Chat: Why Autumn is the Best Season for Reading

  1. Kelly says:

    Autumn is also my favourite season of the year, and definitely the one I love to read the most in. Autumn and Winter, actually. I love the early nights and the sound of rain on my window while I’m curled up in a warm cocoon of blankets and wearing fuzzy socks, drinking a hot drink, and reading. Is there a more perfect way of spending the day? I completely agree with you about how Autumn makes the world look more beautiful. There’s so much more colour in the world during this season and I love that. This was such a great post.

    • Ashley says:

      I also kind of love when the nights get darker earlier. I feel like by the end of winter I’m sick of it, but for the first couple months it actually makes everything feel cosier. And the rain! Rain on my window is the greatest sound in the world. It’s the perfect natural soundtrack to a book. 🙂 And thank you so much, I’m glad you liked this post! I loved writing it.

    • Ashley says:

      Nooo! Have you been able to experience it before? The northern states look postcard perfect during Autumn. New York State is gorgeous once the colours start to change. If you ever plan a trip up to NYC go during the autumn so you can get some of that beautiful colour! 🙂

      • Rylee says:

        I lived in KY for one autumn, and I loved it! But it’s like a memory-unicorn—sometimes I wonder if I really saw it. I’m going to NYC on Wednesday!! But I’ll only be in the city since we’re there for comic con, so I’m not sure how much of nature I’ll actually see. Maybe we’ll be able to go to Central Park for a bit. =)

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