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Quick note: Sorry for not posting on Saturday! My parents had an engagement BBQ for my fiance and I, so there wasn’t really any time to properly finalise a post/promote on social media. There will be a few days in the next couple weeks that I won’t be able to post as frequently, but I’ll let you all know about that in a separate post later this week. Thanks for understanding! 🙂 

You know when you curl up with a book in a new spot for the first time and it feels like you’re sinking into a warm, cosy cloud? Finding the perfect place to read is almost like finding a new best friend. It not only makes it easier to drift off into the story, but it also helps your body de-stress and relax after a long day. And because I’m a creature of habit, I love finding these reading nooks and look forward to jumping right back into them when I get the opportunity.

I use the term ‘nook’ loosely as some of these places are more out in the open, but they nevertheless help me turn my brain off after a long day. Since I live in both Canada and the UK my favourite reading spaces spread out over the two, and there are five in total that I dream about when I’m having an extra long day at work. So to start off the new week I’ll walk you through some of my favourite places to curl up with a book and disappear into another world. Be sure to let me know where your favourite places are to read in the comments!

My parent’s back porch

I’m visiting my parents in Canada for a few months, so while the weather is still warm I’ll be spending the majority of the day sitting on their back porch with my Kindle. Their property is in a quiet neighbourhood surrounded by trees so it feels very peaceful and secluded. The only downside to reading outside during a Southern Ontario heatwave is the crazy noises of the cicadas. But they eventually become a low unnoticeable background hum that’s easy enough to get used to, especially if I’m too absorbed in my book to notice!

Under a mound of blankets in bed at 3AM

It’s late at night, my fiance is sleeping, and I’m too emotionally invested in a book to shut my brain off. Being under all the blankets on my bed, legs crossed, scrunched up into a ball with my Kindle makes me feel like a kid again. And when I’m surrounded by blankets it almost feels like I’m in a little cave and the world outside of my book doesn’t exist. I love reading in bed after dark when everyone else is asleep, even if it means being exhausted at work the day next.

Yes, my bedsheets have elephants on them.

On the train around London

I don’t take the train as often since moving out of London, but when I do take the underground into the city I love to bring my book. The only downside to reading on the train is it makes me a bit sleepy. But once we go underground and there’s literally nothing else to look at, it’s time to turn on my Kindle! I usually sit at the very back in one of the four-person seat areas since it feels a little more closed off and isn’t as busy as the centre carriages. For public transportation, this is as cosy as it gets. Reading in the city has it’s own magical appeal, especially if the book I’m reading takes place in London.

On the couch in my flat

This is probably my favourite spot. We have an L-shaped couch in our flat where I like to curl up under a pile of blankets with my biggest mug of green tea. This room has three big windows so there is plenty of light and fresh air. Our lounge and kitchen are open-concept allowing crucial quick access to my kettle for tea refills. I’m a bit introverted, so my flat is my favourite place in the world and snuggling up on my couch with a good book is my idea of heaven.

Messy like my blog schedule.

And most recently… on the plane! 

I have flown dozens of times, but on my flight from London to Toronto last week I found that double gin and tonics are the keys to keeping flight-related anxiety at bay. Feeling a bit calmer (and tipsier) on a plane has made it a lot easier to relax and read a book. And since purchasing my Kindle, travelling has become a lot less cumbersome, so having dozens of books at my disposal was a huge bonus. I still more than anything hate flying but it was definitely a lot less painful with gin and my Kindle — as most things as life are. I’m slowly trying to turn planes into a place I look forward to travelling on for the sake of a cosy reading spot.

How about you? 

Where’s your favourite place to read? Do you also have any designated spots or are you happy to read anytime, anyplace? Let me know in the comments!

11 thoughts on “Book Chat: Favourite Reading Nooks

  1. Erin says:

    I love to read in bed or on my couch – both spots are filled with at least 5 pillows and a lot of cozy blankets so I could stay there all day and be ridiculously comfy.

    • Ashley says:

      Thank you! It’s super comfy. Once I sit down there I never want to leave.

      Pillow forts make the best reading places! I can see how it would help with anxiety, might be why we gravitate towards cozy safe spaces to read in general 🙂

  2. Sammie says:

    Congrats on your engagement! *throws confetti* Your spots sound so cozy (and those boot/slippers LOOK cozy). I like reading outside (when it’s nice, obviously — books/Kindles don’t like rain, which is all we seem to be getting lately) and when on the treadmill. I also try to sneak in reading when I can, so at doctor’s offices, waiting in the pickup line, etc. 🙂 Those places just aren’t favorites, and they’re certainly not as comfy, ha!

    • Ashley says:

      The treadmill and doctor’s office are great spots for reading! Any waiting room is prime reading time. Not comfy for sure, but at least they let you escape from bordom for a few minutes :P. I wish Kindles could be water proof for the sake of not needing to hide mine in the bottom of my bag when it rains. I feel like they aren’t anywhere near durable enough for a little water.

      And thank you! <3

    • Ashley says:

      That sounds perfect! Big comfy chairs are basically giant nests and that makes them the best places in the world. So far so good with not getting sick reading on planes, but my stomach likes to rebel against me so hopefully it’ll last!

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