Hi and welcome to my blog! I hope you enjoy what you find here.

My name is Ashley and I’m a 28 year old Canadian expat living in the UK since 2016. I’m a graduate in a Master’s Art History programme from Queen’s University with a love of writing, travel, and reading. I am lucky enough to have two places I call home: the first being Canada and the second and newest being England. I currently live in a beautiful town named Amersham located in Buckinghamshire’s stunning Chiltern Hills. Here I am a volunteer at the local museum and the owner of a small (and hopefully growing!) secondhand online bookstore. I have a lovely flat with my partner and our rambunctious house rabbit Burrito. I love to write and hope to someday soon self-publish my first novel. I like to travel to new places and try new food and I’m lucky enough to have London right on my doorstep.

And above all else, I love to read. I used to think of reading as an escape from reality, which it certainly was during my more angsty teenage years. But now it acts as a sort of supplement. Books are both the cheapest plane tickets you’ll ever buy and some of the best friends you’ll ever have. And their presence in my life has been a continued comfort through graduate school and a complicated and emotional move from Canada to the United Kingdom.

So I’ve made this blog to talk about these types of things: books, living in England, and the different places I have the opportunity to visit. It might be a bit scattered, but so is my brain! I hope you enjoy and I apologise if photos of Burrito end up hijacking many of the posts. Feel free to get in contact or leave a comment, I’d love to chat and swap book recommendations, restaurants, and travel tips!